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Uncharted Territory - Gen Con 2015, Day 1 Part 1

So I'm about 15 minutes away from being picked up to go to Gen Con in Indianapolis. "The Best 4 Days in Gaming" hasn't seen the likes of me, but I have a feeling the convention will have a greater impact on me than I will on it.

Still, I'm eager to meet new people, play new games, and maybe leave a mark with somebody.

I've got Pandemic ready to infect.
I've got Zombie Dice ready to be rolled.
I've got some Fiasco games to be played, and an award-winning playset ready to be run for the first time.

I've got rules and supplies for Everyone is John, but I'm thinking of putting a spin on it and running a game of Everyone is John Wayne. Or Everyone is John McLain. Or Everyone is John Malkovich.

I've got character sheets printed for the RPG system I wrote, the QuintSystem Roleplaying System. I'm ready to hurl that upon some unsuspecting people to see if they like it. One of the guys I'm going to be there with, the moderating host of Fear …

The Back Burner Podcast, Episode 2 - Freudenberger: 3 East Wing

It's back, everyone!

The Back Burner Podcast wasn't just a one-time idea, and I've completed the 2nd episode. This time around, we're completing the first playtest of the game I wrote called "Freudenberger: 3 East Wing". The finished version of the gameplay is slightly different from how it turns out on this recording, but this session was still pretty entertaining.

I designed this game to be a combination of comedy & tension, with a real sense of urgency and dread once the enemy reveals itself. After this first session of the game, I made some adjustments and tweaks to the game, making it a bit more streamlined and less convoluted.

You won't hear the end of the game on this recording, and I'll explain that in this episode. However, if this game sounds like fun and you'd like the .pdf for free, email me at, or connect with me on Facebook (Zach W. Lorton).

In the meantime, enjoy!

There Is No Box.

After the wedding: A Study in Playsets

Whenever I work a wedding reception, I have to do something that doesn't seem like the easiest thing in the world.

I have to come up with a list of songs to play that people will dance to.

This isn't like working as a DJ at a club. I don't get to plan what I'm going to play ahead of time, because the crowd that will be in attendance isn't what you would find at a club. I'm not expecting a group of people between 21 and 35 who are all there to dance. The dancing isn't the sole purpose of the evening, and I don't have a target demographic.

My demographic is everyone.

That's right. Young, old, teenage, geriatric, handicapped or not . . . if you're there, I want you to dance, and I do everything I can to make it as easy as possible for those that want to dance to be able to get on the floor and feel comfortable about it. I've got some tricks up my sleeve that can help people break the ice with each other very easily, and that can get the dance fl…

The Back Burner Podcast, Episode 1 - Freudenberger: 3 East Wing

Greetings, Programs!

A side project that I've been working on for a while, The Back Burner Podcast, has officially launched with the premiere episode!

Because I'm just starting out with this and am doing what I can with what little I know of podcasting, I'm throwing this up on SoundCloud. Eventually, if I'm able to amass a following, I'll have another website set up specifically to host the podcast.

Well, whatever. Here's episode 1. This is an actual play of an RPG that I wrote called Freudenberger: 3 East Wing. Enjoy!

There Is No Box.