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Geekway to the West 2017, Day 4 - Acquire! Build! Slog!

Geekway to the West.
Day 4.

I played Microscope for the first time at Geekway 2016, and 2 of the people I'd ended up playing Fiasco with that weekend were also in the Microscope game. It was a wonderful experience, in which we created a world where humans had been created by and were subservient to a dragon race, then rose up and fought back against their dragon oppressors.

For 2017, we had several people sign up, but not everyone showed, and the place we picked was supposed to be a little quieter than the main gaming hall. The hallway directly inside the entrance, however, a few feet away from the main entrance to the gaming hall, wasn't the quietest area, but we made the most of it. Moving past the 30 minutes of announcements, it took us some doing to get through the game, and the delay didn't really help us.

I brought in a piece of large foam core to place all the periods, events, and scenes on across the timeline, mostly so that we could keep things organized without being…

Geekway to the West 2017, Day 3 - Zombie Actual

Geekway to the West.
Day 3.

So after the Pandemic Legacy game was finally over, I found myself with nothing to do at 5:00 am. Even though the gaming hall was open 24 hours throughout the convention, we had actually shut it down. Melissa, the person who played the last 6 or 7 games with me, and I were the only ones left playing, so I had this giant hall with absolutely nobody in it except for the security guards employed by the convention center.

I was extraordinarily tired, but couldn't feel like I could function enough to drive 45 minutes home for no more than 90 minutes of sleep before coming back for my 9:30 am game.

This is where I pause to give you all some advice. If you're going to game for 24 hours, make sure you tie in a purpose behind it. The Extra Life fundraiser that takes place across the country every year is a great cause, but I know several people that can't take the full 24-hour regimen and have to get a nap in. But me, I couldn't stop.

Still, I had to get …

Geekway to the West 2017, Day 2 - All Pandemic, All The Time

Geekway to the West, 2017.
Day 2.

Road trip!
Okay, not really. I live in the metro STL area, where the convention was held, so the first part of my day was the commute in. Friday was a big day -- I was playing the Pandemic Legacy Marathon Charity game I'd set up as a fundraiser for Pat, and I had a lot to accomplish between the time I got home Thursday night and the time I left Friday morning. So before I went to sleep Thursday night, I made myself a checklist of the things I would need to do/grab before leaving.

Man, I gotta tell you, I HATED that drive that day. Even though it was only 40 minutes, that was 40 minutes I could have spent having breakfast and making my way to the game hall.

(Can you tell I don't get to play that often?)

Anyway, I make the trek out of Alton along that route at least once or twice a week so that I can work my DJ job, and making it 3 times in this weekend wasn't the greatest thing.

But why did you only make the drive 3 times, Zach? Wasn't the co…

Geekway To the West 2017, Day 1 - Free Games & Fast Cards

My trip to Geekway to the West 2017 was my 2nd Geekway experience, and it was phenomenal! The convention had moved into new digs this year, which allowed for more attendees than before. Still, it had sold out by the end of February (the fact that it has sold out every year has made it a huge draw), and the St. Charles Convention Center probably could have held a few hundred more people than the 2,200 passes that were sold.

Still, the main gaming room was large, and a grid system layout was utilized, Battleship-style, to identify rows and columns where games were taking place. A Slack channel was used for announcements and to allow people to look for others to join games that were seeking players. The game library was back, and contained a HUGE selection of games, both new and old, for the discerning (or not so discerning) gamer, and the Play & Win area was hopping all weekend long, this time with 5 copies of each game to give away, up from the previous year's 3 copies.

There wer…