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The Back Burner VIDEO PODCAST - Episode 1: Paradox

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you the brand spanking new Back Burner Video Podcast!

This video podcast will be an extension of the audio form of The Back Burner Podcast, because I know after 4 audio episode you've all been wondering what face lurks behind that voice for radio. My ugly mug has inspired many great and terrible things, so I hope you enjoy.

Future episodes won't always be as snazzy, but they will be fun and entertaining. Enjoy!

There Is No Box. 

The Back Burner Podcast - Episode 4: Fiasco - Showdown at Blue Camel (Part 1)

In Episode 4 of The Back Burner Podcast, you'll hear Part 1 of an Actual Play of the roleplaying game Fiasco from Bully Pulpit Games. Sam McQuiggan, Jason Kelley, and Tina Mayer join me in creating a wild west scenario that could have ended much better than it did.

Fiasco by Jason Morningstar can be purchased at Bully Pulpit Games' website.

Episode of Wil Wheaton's TableTop podcast featuring Fiasco
TableTop's setup for Fiasco

Find more great playsets for this game at

Links to the playsets that I've created
Reunion: Class of 1994 
Teach Me How to Demon (award winning, don'tcha know)

My Facebook page, in case you're so inclined to connect with me.

With no further ado, here you go.

There Is No Box.