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The 30 Day Music Challenge, Day 3: Summertime

Day 3: Choose a song that reminds you of summertime.

From the 1990s list: "Sunbittern" by Driver Eight
When it comes to seasons, I often think of songs in terms of when I acquired an album, or at what time of the year I found myself listening to an album the most. For instance, I very vividly remember listening to Steve Taylor's Squint CD while on my way home from the closing shift at Wendy's on Christmas Eve night. Those songs always remind me of winter.

So does Driver Eight's Watermelon, because I bought it in the winter of 1996. One song, though, reminds me of summer, and that's "Sunbittern". The sunbittern, as explained in the liner notes, is a bird found in many tropical areas of the North and South American continents.

You said you had to go
To someplace I don't know
Strawberries in spring won't happen 'til we get there
Through the ocean blue like rainbows do fly
Fly away, fly away

Matt McCartie's sister traveled away for a time whil…

The 30 Day Music Challenge, Day 2: 58,000 Years

Day 2: Choose a song with a number in the title.

From the 1990s list: "Fifty-Eight" by The Prayer Chain
One of the only songs by anyone that successfully and effortlessly captured the feel of 5/8 time in a song, "Fifty-Eight" was actually named such because of the time signature. "Precious Man" was the working title of a song about longing for the one that left you.

Take my fist and hold it in your hand
Take my rage and bury my pain
Why won't he love me
Why won't he hold me

Even outside of the angst-ridden '90s alternative scene, this kind of topic needed a place in a song somewhere. The cliche of fathers leaving their families is so widespread that even if one has never had to experience it, they've known someone who has.

This was the first TPC song that made me sit up and take thoughtful notice. As a musician, I immediately recognized the off-center time signature and really enjoyed how well they put the song together (anthropologically speak…

The 30 Day Music Challenge, Day 1: Green & Red

Not too long ago, I found out about something some younger person probably came up with called the 30 Day Song Challenge. I thought I might look through the songs featured on the albums I put in the Top 100 Christian albums list (plus the Honorable Mentions) of the 1990s, but I thought that would be too difficult to narrow down.

So for each entry of this challenge (which I don't think I'll be able to do daily, let's be honest), I'm going to look at 2 songs -- one that's from an album on the list, and one that's not. To kick things off, we're going to dive right in.

DAY 1. Choose a song with a color in the title.
From the 1990s list: "The Color Green" by Rich Mullins
This song from the classic A Liturgy, a Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band album sticks out to me, as it was the first Rich Mullins song I remember hearing that wasn't stuck in the CCM formula of songs. This one used a slightly different tack of finding praise for the God of Heaven and Ea…

The Top 100 Christian Albums of the 1990s: The Top Ten (plus 1)

So I've learned one thing about writing a blog series: plan better. For instance, don't try to write the last installment the week before Easter when you work at a church full-time. That's just a losing proposition.

Here we are. The pinnacle. The peak. The top of the mountain, the best of the best.
The Top 10 Christian Albums of the 1990s. Forget AC/pop radio, because you're not going to hear mid-30s mommy music here. Unless you were a mid-30s mommy in the '90s and actually listened to this stuff. Then it's totally yours. But these albums, to me, are the most beloved, most artistic, most groundbreaking, most creative, and most important albums from that decade, and they span from the very beginning of the 1990s to the very end.

If you hate spoilers, and you want to revisit the rest of the Top 100 before actually diving into the Top 10, you can find them here:
Honorable Mentions

Now, then . . . here we go.

10. SQUINT - Ste…

The Top 100 Christian Albums of the 1990s: Honorable Mentions

Not everything could make the Top 100, so I had to put together a list of my Honorable Mentions. These are albums that I felt weren't good enough to stick into my main list, usually for only one reason. Sometimes it was because there were already 2 albums from that same artist, and I couldn't take up more room without kicking out another great recording that legitimately deserved to be on the list. Otherwise, enjoy, because I think these are all worth checking out for one reason or another. 

SHADOWS - Spy Glass Blue
Of course, there are exceptions. This one being left off my Top 100 list was a total and complete mistake. My bad, my big bad. Shadows should have been in my original Top 100, but when I was compiling the list, I made the mistake of not making sure I was in the same place each time I added titles to the list -- namely, in front of my CD rack. I had a massive fear that I would forget an album, and as I was going through the list recently in preparation for this blog s…