Uncharted Territory - Gen Con 2015, Day 1 Part 1

So I'm about 15 minutes away from being picked up to go to Gen Con in Indianapolis. "The Best 4 Days in Gaming" hasn't seen the likes of me, but I have a feeling the convention will have a greater impact on me than I will on it.

Still, I'm eager to meet new people, play new games, and maybe leave a mark with somebody.

I've got Pandemic ready to infect.
I've got Zombie Dice ready to be rolled.
I've got some Fiasco games to be played, and an award-winning playset ready to be run for the first time.

I've got rules and supplies for Everyone is John, but I'm thinking of putting a spin on it and running a game of Everyone is John Wayne. Or Everyone is John McLain. Or Everyone is John Malkovich.

I've got character sheets printed for the RPG system I wrote, the QuintSystem Roleplaying System. I'm ready to hurl that upon some unsuspecting people to see if they like it. One of the guys I'm going to be there with, the moderating host of Fear The Boot, is a dice/math mechanic junkie, so I wonder if this will be something he finds fun as well.

I've got water, granola, crackers, and breath mints enough for 4 days.

I've got the only costume I'll need, and I'm wearing it already.

So if you run into me while I'm in Indianapolis, let's play a game. I promise I won't bite. I bark a lot, though. Hope you like barking.

More to come . . .

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