The Back Burner Podcast, Episode 2 - Freudenberger: 3 East Wing

It's back, everyone!

The Back Burner Podcast wasn't just a one-time idea, and I've completed the 2nd episode. This time around, we're completing the first playtest of the game I wrote called "Freudenberger: 3 East Wing". The finished version of the gameplay is slightly different from how it turns out on this recording, but this session was still pretty entertaining.

I designed this game to be a combination of comedy & tension, with a real sense of urgency and dread once the enemy reveals itself. After this first session of the game, I made some adjustments and tweaks to the game, making it a bit more streamlined and less convoluted.

You won't hear the end of the game on this recording, and I'll explain that in this episode. However, if this game sounds like fun and you'd like the .pdf for free, email me at, or connect with me on Facebook (Zach W. Lorton).

In the meantime, enjoy!

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