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Musings of a Comic, Vol. 02

It's good to see people, even if I don't know them.

I've been wearing glasses for about a year. I considered myself to have really good eyesight when I was younger, and then when I was 32, I got my first pair of glasses. And I'll tell you what -- nothing made me feel older. At 31, I was pretty active, pretty full of energy, but I went to go see an optometrist because I realized I was having trouble reading things at a great distance, and especially when there was a contrast of dark lettering and white or bright backgrounds. And he said, "Yeah, you need glasses."

Oh, crap. Nothing made me feel older than hearing those words at that moment. "You have a slight astigmatism." Why can't it just be full-blown, you know? A slight astigmatism? Even my medical conditions are wussies.

"You're in stage one of the most unaggressive form of cancer known to man. You have sixty years to live. Or, I can blow in your ear and cure you."

When I…

iMac OS 10.3.9

I have nothing of any value to report, except that this entry is being created on my computer at home. This may not seem significant to most of you, but I haven't had a computer in my home since 2003, before I got married, and even then I was running America OnLine 4.0 on Windows 3.1, so my ability to browse and use basic internet functions was very limited.

Anyway, this is more of a test than anything, but whatever.

There Is No Box.