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Why We Fear, and How We're Part of the Problem

Monday, November 14th.
Last week, I publicly wondered on Facebook how people were so afraid of the world in the wake of a Trump election. The day after the election, I saw comments from people I know, people whom I knew to be intelligent, basically erupting in what I saw to be illogical rants and backhanded memes. Some were saying they had to go home because they just couldn't bring themselves to concentrate on work the day after the election. But a day later, a friend of mine posted a similar question to the one I had, asking why there was so much fear in the hearts of people. Many who responded to him also seemed to have no clue why the fear was there. Some tried to explain it away, even in belittling terms, but none of them connected. And the disconnect bothered me.
People made grand, hyperbolic predictions that Trump would bring in the end of the world, and send us socially back to the 1950s or before. That gay rights would be abolished. That women's rights would be remove…