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My Weekend as a True Booter, Part 3

Fear The Con 8. The Octocon.
The Afterword.

Why did I use the phrase "True Booter" when sitting down to write this series of entries? Well, it goes back to when I was in college.

I dropped out of college while attending on scholarships that took care of all of my tuition and room & board. Why in the world would I squander what had been given to me? It's simple, really. I craved a different line of work than what I was studying to pursue -- I simply didn't realize that at the time. But what sealed it was that what seemed like every night of the week, I would get together with a rotating group of friends -- usually consisting of Joel, Hilary, Dawn, and Jennifer -- and play Spades.

We could make a game of Spades go for 3 hours. We'd get some kind of snacks and drinks from one of the campus convenience stores. We'd throw Bryan Adams, Billy Joel, Harry Connick, Jr., Pet Shop Boys, or greatest hits of the '80s compilations in the CD player. We'd joke an…

My Weekend as a True Booter, Part 2

In Part 1, I began talking about the 2015 weekend of Fear The Con 8: The Octocon. Thursday's festivities were full of games, laughs, stress, and great chicken wings. Oh, and Mikey Mason.

Friday morning couldn't come soon enough.

Slot 1!
We Sell The World
A homebrew of my own creation using the Risus game system, I built a future world in which the people in power -- corporation heads, politicians, other heads of state -- had been usurped by the only people the American public trusted anymore. Advertising spokespeople.

Like all who climb to power, some had turned to eeeeviiiiilll. So a band of heroes, also made up of advertising spokespeople, The Branding Squad, are called in to save the day.

Avital of THE ESTABLiSHED FACTS podcast was fantastically creative as The Priceline Negotiator. Grant of the Saving The Game podcast used his own southern charm to bring life to Colonel Sanders, Joel was hilariously brilliant and pun-filled as the Pillsbury Doughboy, Andrew's beatnik tak…

My Weekend as a True Booter, Part 1

Last year was my first experience with roleplaying games. I'll admit, somewhat bought into the moral panic of the late '80s and early '90s when it came to RPGs, but the only RPG I'd been exposed to was Dungeons & Dragons. I had no idea that there were other games out there such as Car Wars, Pathfinder, GURPS, and so many others by which people had cut their teeth and created vast new worlds beyond human imagination.

It was only fitting, then, that my first RPG was one in which I played a ferret among a business of other ferrets. That's right, ease into it.

Since then, Fear The Con and the Fear The Boot community has held a place of honor in my heart because of how welcoming they are of everyone into their community and their hobby. This weekend, I spent time preparing for and having a great time playing make-believe with friends and relative strangers.

On Thursday, the official day before the convention, I spent all day at the Drury Inn playing tabletop board a…