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An Exercise in Fiasco

I fell in love with the RPG game Fiasco before I even played it the first time. After watching the game demonstrated on the TableTop podcast hosted by Wil Wheaton, I recognized how similar it was to performing improv theater and improv comedy, which I did and loved when I was younger.

So one day not too long ago, I tried to get an impromptu game going with some friends. Unfortunately, every single one of them were unavailable -- family obligations, work, you name it. They were all busy.

So I pulled out a Fiasco playset and decided to give myself an exercise in setting up a 4-character scenario. Here's what I came up with.

I used the playset The Depot, written by Martin Burnham and Jon Smejkal (downloadable here), which takes place at backwoods bus depot in the middle of a blizzard. Really smacks of Fargo meets Assault On Precinct 13 meets Identity meets The Thing, but way less scary and way more goofy people who don't know what the hell they're doing. Here's the setup:

The Back Burner Project - "Blink" Song Premiere

Here is the new song from The Back Burner Project - "Blink".
Enjoy it.

There Is No Box.