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Thinking of leaving the church? Stop being selfish.

I see a bunch of these articles being circulated, all talking about why millennials are leaving the church. Their chief complaints seem to be that leaders in the church cannot relate to them, that they see a lack of compassion for people outside the church, and a variety of other reasons. Some of these reasons may be perception only, but that doesn't mean they're invalid.

I can understand your frustration, millenials. But instead of leaving, I suggest you stop being selfish.

You heard me right. Stop being selfish.

Your faith isn't solely yours. Did you know that? Yes, it shapes your beliefs and your values, but it also should determine how you live your life, which means that everyone you come in contact with is affected by your faith. Not only that, but as a Christian, your faith gives you a responsibility beyond your self.

If your answer to your frustration is to walk out of the church, you're not really thinking of how your absence from the church will affect the wo…