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The Actual Play: As the Game Lies

Back in June of 2014, I attended my very first gaming convention, when I discovered the joys and camaraderie of tabletop RPGs.

Fear The Con 7, a production of the gaming podcast Fear The Boot, was the setting for my first foray into experiencing the world of role playing games, and I had such a blast that since then, I've been trying to introduce people to new games. Getting an RPG started is no easy task, especially when you're surrounded by people that have never done it before, and your work schedule doesn't leave you with very many blocks of 4-6 hours of free time during the week.

But I'm glad I was able to take in that weekend. I wanted to remember it beyond that weekend, so I recorded the game we played in the Improv for Roleplayers workshop that I ran, a game called News Hole.

Written by Jason Morningstar, creator of Fiasco, and someone else who really loves weblinks (why does that page even have a contents box?), News Hole is an improv-heavy RPG for anywhere fr…