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Should Christians Tip their DJ?

There are always times when you're going to come across a situation where you ask yourself if you should give someone who has provided a service for you a gratuity. Should you tip?

More to the point, should you tip if you're a Christian?
The answer is Yes. 

Thanks for reading.

...Oh, I'm sorry, is that not enough of an explanation? I guess I thought that Christians would know how important it is to be generous, given that the crux of Christianity is predicated upon God being generous in the ultimate fashion for our salvation... but I guess you need some more insight.  Okay.

Here's why this question comes up with me. Working as a mobile DJ on the weekends, the majority of the events I work are wedding receptions. When a couple plans a wedding reception, they've got a lot of vendors that they're working with, and they usually tip several of them.

They might tip their photographer.
Their videographer.
Their catering staff & wait staff.
Their bartenders.
Their …