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21 Things the DJ at a Wedding WON'T Tell You (but really, really wants to)

The day after Independence Day, I was hard at work as the DJ for a wedding reception in downtown St. Louis. The day gave me a taste of a fairly unique crowd -- the bride and groom were in their early 30s, their parents in the mid-to-late 50s. Of course, there were friends and family members, and friends of the parents, and there were also about 40 kids under 16 in attendance. About 200 in all.

Whenever I work a wedding, I go the extra mile as often as I can. I greet people when they enter the room or the venue, and I'm always dressed in a tuxedo unless my clients specifically tell me not to. If people need to know where the gift table, cake table, restrooms, photo booth, or other amenities are, I keep that information in mind so I can tell them. Then during dinner, I walk table to table and let people know that I'm open to dance requests, and I will take them down if they have one in mind. In other words, I do things other DJs won't do because I want to be remembered by th…