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Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Love & Relationships I Learned from '80s Music

After witnessing a powerful, fun, and hyperactive performance by Five Iron Frenzy in St. Louis, Missouri recently, I had a realization -- the band didn't have many love songs. Only one, "Ugly Day", comes to mind, unless you count any of the songs from their Cheeses of Nazareth album (which I don't). Which is kind of odd when you consider that love songs seem to be the one common bond among all genres of music that nearly any fan, no matter how dedicated to their favored genre, can get behind.

As a child of the 1980s, there's nothing I like more than finding others who grew up enjoying the same mixture of pop, rock, punk, new wave, rap, and metal that I did.  It's an instant camaraderie, an attraction to like-minded individuals who lived through the same era, even if in different locales.  We saw the emergence of MTV, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the insanely fun movies that graced their presence upon that decade.

But what seems to be ubiquitous about the …

We're All Mad Here -- My Experience as a First Time Gamer, Part 2

Previously, I began to take a pensively reflective look at my experience at Fear The Con 7, a roleplaying game convention put on by the folks responsible for the podcast Fear The Boot.

Now, I give you my take on how the event went from game to game.

I participated in my friend Dan's "Introduction to RPGs" game, which consisted of a game called Tooth and Claw. In this game, all the players were part of a group of ferrets (officially called a business) in someone's home, and we had to complete a task that would bring balance to the force while simultaneously trying to keep the Big Ones from waking up and catching onto our plans (the game is available for purchase here). It was a wonderful start to a weekend that was sure to leave me with great memories of stories that will never be told again, because they exist in a singular time.

Also, I must warn you, I've been told that telling gaming stories is never a good idea, so you won't hear about too many of…

Welcome to the Dungeon. Nobody Wants to Kill You Here.

Well, I did it.  I geeked out completely this time. In the best possible way. Last weekend, I attended my first tabletop roleplaying game convention.

I'd never played an RPG before in my life. So why in the world did I decide to jump in with both feet and attend a gaming convention? Simply put, I was invited.

Daniel Repperger moderates Fear the Boot, a podcast about tabletop roleplaying games "and a little bit more". Known all over the United States and in parts of Europe, the podcast has created a large online community of gamers who are entertained by the topics covered in the podcast. Episode 115 is an introduction to RPGs, broken up into several small parts, that give newcomers to gaming a quick tutorial on the parts, lingo, and expectation of RPGs. One of their bits of advice is simply to give it a shot.

I met Dan in junior high school -- we were in band together, as well as a few other classes -- and he and I had very similar senses of humor, so we connected very e…