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Where have you been? Hanging around with those geeks again?

I haven't written much in my own blog lately because nearly all my writing over the last month has been for another blog where I'm expected to contribute several times a week.  I kind of need that type of pressure from an outside source in order to keep from making excuses for myself for not writing.

But whatever the reason I haven't been writing in here, I am still able to try and keep my creative juices flowing in other areas.  So, because I've been lax here, here are some of the stories I've been writing at Geek Goes Rogue.

Live From Your Living Room... - I take a look at some of the newer, and classic, television shows featuring performances by today's artists.  August 5th, 2013.

Breaking Bad Finale Watch: 6 Days and Counting... - I report on happenings related to Breaking Bad, including the show receiving the top award from the Television Critics Association, Groupon selling Breaking Bad merchandise, and a fan-submitted video of the "Weird Al" Yank…