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Geek Television -- By Us, For Us, OF Us . . . and For Others

When the phrase "Geek Television" hits my ears, I immediately think of "The Big Bang Theory." I know, it's not what some would call true geek television. Science-fiction! Discovery Channel! Nova! Anime! A sitcom about four awkward men's lives isn't what most geeks would consider Geek Television. Some would even say that TBBT has sanitized geek culture, made it palatable for the masses, even diluted it.

But when I think of geek culture as a whole, I think of community. And that's what "The Big Bang Theory" has revealed to everyone about geek culture. We see the friendship and camaraderie of geeks in all of their idiosyncratic, awkward splendor. Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj don't claim their vocation as scientists as their badge of geekdom -- it's through gaming, Dungeons and Dragons, comic book collecting, and countless hours of arguing about pop culture details that we see the bonds of community forged …

The Gay Marriage Tour Bus

Here's where I stand on the gay marriage issue.

*climbs aboard the bus*

Okay, everyone on, everyone on, feel free to grab a seat that's most convenient.  If you're a younger man, feel free to let an elderly person have your seat, especially if they have a cane.  Those things hurt.

Everyone good?  Okay, driver, let's hit it!

Okay, coming up on your right, I had my first gay experience when I was in high school.


 Let me rephrase that... When I was in high school, I met my first gay friend.  He and I shared a couple classes together, and we were both musicians.  He enjoyed musical theater, and at some point, we even worked at the same restaurant.  I didn't know he was gay when I met him -- my gaydar hadn't been purchased, let alone calibrated.  But at some point during our friendship, the topic of his sexual orientation came up in conversation, and we talked about it only once or twice.  I don't remember the exchange, but it was cordial.  I asked que…