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SLAP! It's time.

Now that Facebook has permanently become an adhered part of the American culture, I grow increasingly tired of reading bad grammar.  It's so bad that people have begun creating memes with bad grammar and punctuation.  I want to slap the people who post them, but they aren't the likely culprits who created the meme.  However, they DID post it on their timeline, so that's about as irritating.

Slap!  I slap you.

This has nothing to do with the true purpose of this entry, but the purpose reminded me of what sparked this decision -- in part, Facebook.  I don't dislike Facebook, but I see how it can be a time waster.  it's also somewhat disturbing and depressing to read all about the things my friends are doing that I'm not.  And granted, I don't like hiking outdoors.  I'm not in Hollywood or New York, so I don't have a reel with examples of my acting chops or a set of headshots to show off.  And I'm not in a band, so I don't have any links to ori…