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Most Worship Music is WAY Too Simplified

Last night my church hosted a concert that featured Christian artists Meredith Andrews, Andrew Witt, Chris Sligh, and Aaron Shust. Shust is known for his contributions to modern worship, and Sligh is more known for having been a contestant on American Idol.

What struck me throughout the evening is how focused on worship music these artists seem to be. I understand the need for the Church to be able to engage with their creator in a spirit of worship, and since music is one of the easiest ways to do that, artists that record worship-themed music is a sensible thought. However, what I didn't really care for was the overt simplicity in their songs. I found a lot of the songs sung by the artists last night (especially the ones they'd penned themselves) spoke about worshipping God in very general, grand terms. "Praise Him because of what He's done" is a vague statement, but apparently good enough for thousands upon thousands to think it's a great line. Maybe it'…