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The Most Influential Films (To Me, Anyway) Of All Time

I’m normally not the kind of guy to make endless amounts of lists, but the last one I put together (Top 25 albums) really got my creative juices flowing. It reminded me of why I’m a musician and a songwriter. And throughout the years, films have had a major impact on me as well, although I didn’t realize why until I began writing and directing short films and promotional videos at my church.

By the way, if you’d like to see some of my work, check out my YouTube channel at End plug.

I’ve discovered over the last few years that all the movies that have gripped me in a profound way have prepared me to be a director, which is something I didn’t see coming. So, in the spirit of my last list, here are the Most Influential Movies (To Me, Anyway) Of All Time. Again, these are in no particular order.

MEMENTO 2000, Newmarket Capital Group
Directed by Christopher Nolan

If you haven’t been hooked within the first 10 minutes of Memento, or if you simply can’t figure out what…