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The What Happened

Is there anything more heartbreaking than hearing someone describe, in detail, every facet of their lives that has convinced them that they should not believe in God?

Because of the Twitter fad-nomenon, I'm tempted to let that statement stand on its own, but I feel like this is something I need to spend some time addressing. And while it may not be the biggest revelation in the world, I hope that what I write here makes sense to someone.

When I was in college, I had a chat conversation with someone who vehemently refused to believe God existed. He used all kinds of logical arguments in explaining his viewpoint to me. But each argument never led to a conclusion; it only would set up the next point of his argument, and pretty soon he was going around in circles, arguing his way into a vortex that he couldn't explain his way out of. I didn't fully understand where he was coming from, and there were 2 things leading to this detriment of mine: 1) We were chatting, which only…