Watch . . . watch . . . wrist.

There are times I wonder if I know what I'm doing in life.

Okay, enough of the heavy stuff.

My friend Tim and I are planning on heading down to south St. Louis County tomorrow night to see Watchmen on IMAX. Unless you count the screen at the St. Louis Science Center, this is the only IMAX theater in the metro STL area, and we're planning on making this trip out count. We had gone last summer when The Dark Knight was showing -- he had already seen it at a local theater, but said that when comparing it to watching it on the IMAX screen, the regular movie experience simply could not compare. So when we discovered Watchmen was going to be shown in IMAX, we made plans.

Actually, we just made plans an hour ago. Our friend Adam, whom I work with, would also like to see it, but tomorrow is his birthday and he's already been tagged by a couple in our church that want to take him to dinner to celebrate with him. Ah, well. He was bummed, but he told me to take notes.

I don't know what to expect, really. I've already read the graphic novel. I wanted to know what the story was about, because the trailer really intrigued me, and I thoroughly enjoyed 300, Zack Snyder's last film, so much that I bought it. I half-expect to hear someone in the theater tomorrow night to stand up and give a guttural scream:
"THIS . . . IS . . . IMAX!!!"
. . . and then kick someone down the stairs.

So who watches the watchmen?
Tomorrow night around 7 o'clock, I watches the watchmen. I'm kind of excited.

There Is No Box.