The Back Burner Podcast - Episode 6: Interview with Mike Perna (Part 1)

In today's episode of The Back Burner Podcast, I interview Mike Perna with InnRoads Ministries, and host of The MacGuffin Factory and Gamestore Prophets podcasts. In this, the first of 2 parts, we talk about what got us into gaming, and why we love it so much. We also discuss what InnRoads Ministries is doing, and how its mission is one that all Christians and gamers alike can get behind.


Here's what you're missing if you haven't heard of HeroQuest.
The Pac-Man board game, Donkey Kong board game, and Zaxxon board game from the 1980s.

We also discuss how Miniature Market is the type of place could bankrupt us both.

The love-hate relationship with Munchkin.

Mike's "MacGuffin" podcast co-host Peter's other podcast, Saving The Game.

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