Warner Bros. Bringing 17 TV Shows to San Diego Comic Con

This article was originally published on Patheos entertainment blog The Rogue on July 3, 2013.
From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach Lorton, who is biding his time while rendering video:
One thing I’ve always wanted to check out was the International Comic-Con in San Diego.  Many consider the SDCC the Mecca of geek pop culture, mostly due to its close proximity to movie and television studios, so it’s not surprising to hear that Warner Bros. is charging into Comic-Con this July with 17 of its television shows.
Many of the studio’s successful shows are returning, including “The Big Bang Theory,” “The Following,” “Revolution,” and “The Vampire Diaries.”
Warner Bros. is also showcasing several of its new shows slated for fall premiers, airing the pilot episodes of some, including the new J.J. Abrams- produced, futuristic cop show “Almost Human” with Karl Urban, post-apocalyptic young person fodder “The 100,” and young-hot-people-with-special-powers drama “The Tomorrow People”.  Frankly, they sound worth checking out, but only time will tell what kind of staying power they have.
Many of the studio’s stars and producers will be attending panels and signing autographs, including Kevin Bacon, Rob Corddry, Maggie Q, Karl Urban & Michael Ealy, Eric Kripke, and Kevin Williamson.  Check out the San Diego Comic-Con’s unofficial blog for details on dates at www.sdccblog.com.

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