The B.S. Meter.

Everyone has a B.S. meter. Mine's purple.

Actually, mine has been continually calibrated since I was about 16. I began to see through the pat phrases and cliche reasoning that my parents would sometimes give me as a legitimate reason I could not do something I wanted to, or that I needed to do as they told me. "Because I said so" hadn't been spoken to me in over 4 years, and to hear it from my father one day just shut me down. He later gave me a full explanation (I guess he saw the "you're so full of it" look on my face), which I understood, and completely agreed with, but to have been given that B.S. excuse up front felt like being given the middle finger.

So it is now that I'm in my mid-30s, I still find B.S. hard to swallow. Which is why whenever it's given to me, I turn it around and show it back to the person who gave it and call it by name. I do so as graciously as I can, and without malice or sarcasm (a TOUGH proposition, believe me), but I will call them on it.

I had to do it quite a bit yesterday, and to people that I love and care about. Actually, to people I work with at church. I'm tired of people cutting corners because they're not thinking of the big picture, or how their actions can affect literally dozens of other people. My patience has almost run out for that sort of thing. Granted, it was me that was affected by what I experienced, but it's the idea that we're here to serve people, and if we can't be bothered to do what we do with excellence, why are we doing it at all?

Anyway, my B.S. meter went off 3 times yesterday, and each time I addressed it. I'm simply not content to sit and wait for someone to have their own epiphany while everyone else suffers in the meantime. Let's do right by doing it right the first time, every time. Yeah, we make mistakes, but we can't afford to make the mistakes we've made over and over again anymore.

I feel like sometimes, people in leadership need to be re-trained in leadership. You know, step it up or step out of the way. And about every 3 months, we need to revisit some things.

On another note, I have a pre-call with a DJ client in about an hour. I find it interesting that their Wedding Party dance song is "Party All the Time" by Eddie Murphy. It also makes me a little afraid to find out what they're going to want to dance to. Dealing with a DJ client is one time I really can't use my B.S. meter, so I'm going to have to alter my attitude before making the call.

There Is No Box.